Policatal Action Committe

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Big Bear LakeVoter Coalition

Mission Statement


  1. Elect City leadership committed to transparency, fiscal responsibility, and genuine citizen representation.
  2. Control excessive City Council spending such as consultant services.
  3. Control excessive fees imposed by joint powers authorities, i.e., Big Bear Water Reclamation District (see the wasteful, mis-managed Water Replenishment Project), and the Big Bear Fire Authority of which out city council members are decision makers.
  4. Oppose Mayor Perry’s, Councilman Putz’s, and City Manager Sund’s approval of taxation through penalties and unreasonable issuance of citations.
  5. Reform the city charter to establish a mayor-led government.
  6. Acquire jurisdiction of Big Bear Boulevard from the State to revitalize and enhance aesthetics including renovation of outdated structures.
  7. Halt City expansion such as the City’s acquisition of real property thus taking it off the market, and eliminating property tax revenue. It is not the business of government to be a property-owning landlord.
  8. Contract with local businesses for essential services instead of seeking services outside of Big Bear Valley.
  9. Require all City contracts over $5,000 to be publicly bid.
  10. Rescind all rules and procedures created to preclude a prior city council person from interfering with governmental operation.

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